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Duane Slaymaker & the Slayframe guitar stand

I became interested in building at a young age inspired by the many materials available on the southern Lancaster county farm where I grew up. I used to create things from old wooden boxes, tree saplings and whatever else was lying around, that I was allowed to use (and some that I wasn't)

A few years After high school I began looking for a career other than working on my parents farm. I decided to focus on my passion for creating and more specificly, woodworking. So I answered a newspaper ad and signed on as an apprentice at Pedersen woodworking in Neffsville Pa. under designer Kai Pedersen.

Mr. Pedersen was A designer and builder of his own line of contemporary Windsor style furniture and possessed a keen sense of design and quality. During my four years under Kai, I learned about woodworking techniques, design and furthered my own natural abilities. In 1988 I left Pedersen woodworking and opened The Wood Shed in an unused barn on my parents farm. Since the Wood Shed opened it's doors for business in 1989 the custom woodworking business has grown unbelievably. I have now ventured into the lumbering process itself by cutting the trees, sawing and drying much of the lumber that is used in my projects. My latest undertaking is the new line of Slay-Frame stringed instrument stands.

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